Monday, October 5, 2009

Daily 3

Life really does seem to be a series of happy and haphazard decisions. Which, being a recovering overachiever, isn't the greatest validation of all my anal retentiveness. Sometimes I wish I had played around more, enjoyed the freefall instead of fighting it all the time. Sure, it's important to squeeze every last ounce of usefulness from ever hour of the day, but sometimes you just have to sit back and spend a second looking, breathing.

Today I'm grateful for the things that make me respect time more:

1) Perspective. As much as I'm impatient to keep summitting that next mountain, I try to reflect on the last few mountains I've climbed. I also keep thinking to myself - how is my perspective going to change in 30 years? I feel like I've barely begun learning in my first 30. Our generation never thinks of things in 30 year chunks.

2) The Interwebs. Today was a win and loss for me. A win because I've found another opportunity to help my small corner of the world move a little closer to the digital age. Also I am hoping these guys can help me out - the loss was a piece of malware that made me really stabby today.

3) Horizons. I'm actually thinking in the literal sense. I haven't been away from my homeslice for long, but I've been here long enough to appreciate the huge, open skies of Texas. It's amazing that such a vast space would make me feel so full and grounded.

Happy Monday.

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