Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Daily 3 - Stabby Reduction Day

Today I'm grateful again for the interwebs. Yes, it's a facile observation - you're reading this on the internet, duh - but I love the infection nature of happiness, joy and pure wackiness that the Internet inspires. Like H1N1 for giggles. Also I feel an obligation to reduce world stabbiness, since my friends all use that adjective now, too. (Thank you Jezebel.) Today's daily 3 are things that have helped me feel less like stabbing annoying people with a dull butter knife, namely:

1) A Customized Cupcake Car - for the person who has everything, including a need to crash parades or other street theater, Neiman Marcus offers a lovely motorized go-cart for only $25,000.00. Straight from Burning Man (shocking :) Thanks to @atxfoodnews and @MykleT for helping me find that gem.

2) 4-year-old Finnish Rappers I have no idea what they're saying but there's no way to be mad after listening to them. Plus I have a soft spot for Finnish cartoons. (thank you @knitmeapony and @BoingBoing)

3) I really don't have a good 3rd thing, so I'm just going to suggest Cute Overload for all your cute and de-stabbifying needs.

Hope you're having a good Tuesday!

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