Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Daily 3 - Stabby Reduction Day

Today I'm grateful again for the interwebs. Yes, it's a facile observation - you're reading this on the internet, duh - but I love the infection nature of happiness, joy and pure wackiness that the Internet inspires. Like H1N1 for giggles. Also I feel an obligation to reduce world stabbiness, since my friends all use that adjective now, too. (Thank you Jezebel.) Today's daily 3 are things that have helped me feel less like stabbing annoying people with a dull butter knife, namely:

1) A Customized Cupcake Car - for the person who has everything, including a need to crash parades or other street theater, Neiman Marcus offers a lovely motorized go-cart for only $25,000.00. Straight from Burning Man (shocking :) Thanks to @atxfoodnews and @MykleT for helping me find that gem.

2) 4-year-old Finnish Rappers I have no idea what they're saying but there's no way to be mad after listening to them. Plus I have a soft spot for Finnish cartoons. (thank you @knitmeapony and @BoingBoing)

3) I really don't have a good 3rd thing, so I'm just going to suggest Cute Overload for all your cute and de-stabbifying needs.

Hope you're having a good Tuesday!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Daily 3

Life really does seem to be a series of happy and haphazard decisions. Which, being a recovering overachiever, isn't the greatest validation of all my anal retentiveness. Sometimes I wish I had played around more, enjoyed the freefall instead of fighting it all the time. Sure, it's important to squeeze every last ounce of usefulness from ever hour of the day, but sometimes you just have to sit back and spend a second looking, breathing.

Today I'm grateful for the things that make me respect time more:

1) Perspective. As much as I'm impatient to keep summitting that next mountain, I try to reflect on the last few mountains I've climbed. I also keep thinking to myself - how is my perspective going to change in 30 years? I feel like I've barely begun learning in my first 30. Our generation never thinks of things in 30 year chunks.

2) The Interwebs. Today was a win and loss for me. A win because I've found another opportunity to help my small corner of the world move a little closer to the digital age. Also I am hoping these guys can help me out - the loss was a piece of malware that made me really stabby today.

3) Horizons. I'm actually thinking in the literal sense. I haven't been away from my homeslice for long, but I've been here long enough to appreciate the huge, open skies of Texas. It's amazing that such a vast space would make me feel so full and grounded.

Happy Monday.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Daily 3

Its funny what we try to predict - the weather, the political victors, our careers, the winning football team. It seems like life is really made up of happy (or tragic) coincidences. We might try to plan, but as the saying goes, that's just a good way to make The Universe laugh. Today I'm grateful for:

1) Mud - everyone at ACL is getting a nice mud massage on their feet right now. I have a feeling Zilker is going to look a bit chewed up for a while. It looks like a gigantic slip and slide.

2) Love - it happens, comes out of nowhere, and then you wonder how you ever lived without it.

3) Tater tots - they have nothing to do with love or mud but I just ate some and they were delicious. Also I don't know anyone who doesn't love 'em.

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Daily 3

My dear friend and I are walking to the Austin City Limits Festival. Being in a state where you drive everywhere, my urban hiking chops are pretty piss poor. On our way there, we pass a Whataburger shop. Why am I posting a pic of this fast food shop? Because its one of the things I'm grateful for today, namely:

1) My lack of commitment to radical fashion choices. I was thisclose to getting a tattoo on my 30th birthday of the Wonder Woman icon. Guess what the double W's also look like?

2)Weekends. We need them. Thank your local trade unionist for those.

3) Funnel cake. Except I don't know if I'm gonna get any. Austinites take their food seriously. Which is good but also sometimes you just want to eat something deep fried and pedestrian :)

Happy Saturday!

Friday, October 2, 2009

This is a test

This is a test of whether or not I can go mobile. Because I'm that lazy slash think people want to read the detritus of my day. Love ya, mean it. PS I don't care what people say about blogger. Its still the most idiot proof mobile blogging I've come across.

Reducing World Suckitude

I've decided to try and get my writing chops back. There are so many things I want to write about, and the days end up getting railroaded or frittered away. So I'm going to try this exercise -where every day - as close as the first thing I can do - I'm going to write down three things I'm grateful for. Can I get past a week? We'll see.

Today's 3 things I'm grateful for:

- El Gato Negro coffe from Mozart Coffee Roasters here in Austin.
- The Austin City Limits Music festival, which I will be enjoying with friends this weekend.
- The Dark Crystal, possibly one of my favorite movies. Which I watched with my dear friend last night. His reaction to my giddiness - "wow, you are a nerd." Me: "Duh."

Happy Friday!