Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Bloody Valentine

Hello Valentines Day. I have no idea why people make such a big deal over this made-up holiday. St. Valentine got stoned to death, and not in a Michael Phelps kinda way. People buy each other crap they don't need. I'm such a nerd I can't help but find dead flowers ugly because they're dead (what kind of symbol is that?) but also because I have a feeling they have a huge carbon footprint. (Also in all honesty, I do like getting flowers. But find me something weird, something quirky. And just one.)

I'm going on another blind date tonight, with someone a mutual friend knows. All I know about the dude is that he's a technophile (like me), and a Republican (not like me). For good or ill, I'm treating this in a very light-hearted way, which I think is appropriate. I'm irreverent by nature, anyhow. If he doesn't like it, check please!

And in the realm of things true love, I hold to the belief that a true lover is someone who can make you crack up in bed. We got one shot on this rock called Earth. Might as well be fun.

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