Friday, February 13, 2009

Global Warming Blows

You know why I hate global warming? (Besides feeling sorry for the polar bears and other good reasons to hate it.) Because I somehow got a MOSQUITO BITE in the middle of February. And not only a bite, but a big ass bite on my neck. Which is a wonderful thing to have during my week of blind dates - I look like I have a hickey on my neck. AWESOME. Hello, Awkward.

Where the hell did this frakking bug come from, anyway? Was it laying in wait, an egg forgotten in the building over winter? WTF. I hate you, mosquito. I really do. I hope the Valtrex in my system made you die a horrible, horrible death. Also I hope I have a snazzy enough scarf to cover up this insect abuse.

Happily, it was cold enough for me to wear a scarf on my blind date last night. We'd been emailing for a few days - things seems interesting enough, the conversation seemed promising. He's nice looking, but he does bear a resemblance to someone I've seen before. Luckily there was no Bog of Eternal Stench. It's funny how online chemistry so rarely translates into immediate in-person chemistry. But hey, them's the breaks. I'm reading a book called Quirkology, which is similar to Blink and a bazillion other pop-psych books (I don't care if they're Science-lite. I LOVE THEM.) They all seem to say the same thing - human beings - particularly women - know within about 15 seconds whether or not they want to jump someone and get jiggy. Either my internal jiggy is busted, or ... well. Yeah.

Happy Friday the 13th! I'm going to go read my zombie survival book now.

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