Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I spend too much time on Twitter. But perhaps it's not in vain. Turns out there are nerdy dudes like this nerdette who think it's HYSTERICAL to livetweet that which should probably not be shared.

So, we're going to go on a date and livetweet it. I'm laughing hysterically. This could either be the best thing ever, or the worst. I feel like there are reality tv shows based around this kind of stuff.

As much as I feel an honest level of revulsion at being so cavalier about the quest for true love, it gives me pause. Is it necessarily a bad thing to bring along all your friends - via pocket and mobile - to an event where a potential mate would be subject to the scrutiny and approval or dismissal of your friends, peers and loved ones? Wouldn't the potential partner at some point have to engage with your friends, relatives, loved ones? In some cultures, it's a matter of course that a suitor would come and woo not only the object of her affection, but the family and tribal elders. That's just what they would do. So maybe livetweeting an intimate affair would save time.

I recently went on a blind date where I ended up hanging out with the date and that date's friends. Afterwards, dishing to a friend about the nervous event, my friend's reaction was - well, that's kinda awkward. But my reaction was completely the opposite. This is an interesting norm for the Milennial Generation. Engaging in activities, including dating, is something done in in groups, and isn't a solitary event. There is no such thing as the more "traditional" one-on-one dinner and a movie.

I'm kinda a Millennial, depending on who's drawing the boundaries of that segment, and my blind date is a little older and falls just short of being a Millennial. From what I've observed, I would argue it's more about behavioral and media consumption patterns more than anything else. Maybe it's less about age, or even gender or race, and more about income, education and whether or not you've gone mobile. A Digital Generation?

The real, sad truth is I have NO IDEA what I'm going to wear to this date. Sigh. I mean, it's going to be on the Internet. :)

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