Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dropping the torch

I know why movements fail. I used to make fun of the Leadership and team-building classes in grad school, because I thought it was pretty fluffy stuff. I mean, isn't it obvious how to build a team and be a leader? Isn't it clear that if you just treat people with respect, have a plan and a list of things to do, and actually get off your damn ass, you can move forward?

Many years later, I realize that's not the case. I feel like life is a process of people bending the truth enough that you learn a concept, but only come to find that in the "real world", the implementation often falls short. It's like when I was learning about different voting systems - plurality count, runoff, Borda count (I hate the Borda count, for the record), single transferable vote, the Hare system, First-Past-the-Post - I could go on forever. Point is, every system has a flaw, and you could take the same voting population, apply a different decision rule and get completely different outcomes. In other words, I learned systems, I learned the concept of democracy, and I realized that there's no such thing as right or wrong - the Electorate doesn't know what they really want, and it's all a racket.

So back to my original rant. I'm really angry at the Women's Movement. First of all, it's not a Movement. Second, the so-called leaders do not do any job, let alone a good one, of passing the torch among generations. I don't know why it makes me so angry (I am truly filled with rage, and then profound sadness.) Then I feel like that little bird from "Are You My Mother?" I mean, where the frak are the leaders? I blame it on loving kungfu movies. I grew up thinking that I'd find my teacher, my yoda, and that she'd help me along. She'd show me the path. Turns out, most the women I thought were going to be my teacher are too busy, too self-absorbed and too shortsighted to take the time to help younger women out.

Pathetic. You 2nd wavers worked so frakking hard to advance women. How could you flub passing the torch?

It's not particularly enlightened or helpful, but I want to stand outside their window and yell "YOU SUCK."

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