Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Crazy Logic

Well that was interesting.

My great grandmother was fond of a saying that goes a little bit like this:

To each, his own, as the old farmer kissed the cow.

Yeah, I know. You're thinking, what crazy person kisses a cow? To update it to reflect the ME, I would say:

To each, her own, as the nerdette kissed the dork.

Yeah, I said it. I love dorks. Nothing makes me happier than a person who's comfortable in their own skin. Take a young, handsome, buttoned-down executive, and this nerdette has just gotten a one-way ticket to snorville. Granted, this might be me projecting my own insecurity about dorkitude, but hey. I'm getting older. I'm comfortable in my own dork skin. I've come to realize that I can't stand wearing heels, makeup makes my skin go crazy, and I love using slang. That probably rules me out of a lot of fun stuff like being a celebrity, marrying a prince or other random-ass fantasies that most people have about meeting their true love, but yeah. So it goes.

Also the problem with being so passionate slash dorky about what I do is that this conversation leaves me cold:

Him: I was so excited about [redacted]'s campaign because I totally wanted to write a technology strategy paper about how the campaign could use, that, you know .. New

Me: oh yeah you mean New Media stuff

Him: Yeah, New Media techniques to ...

Me: yeah, I'm friend's with [redacted] who head's up [redacted]'s New Media shop.

Him: (crestfallen) (pause) right, well and it was so exciting, as I was saying, to see them do all the things I wrote about in my strategy memo.

Me: yeah I met [redacted] once

(Him: (further crestfallen look on his face))


I'm sorry, dude. You're very educated, well-dressed and drive a late model luxury car. I'm still looking for my scruffy dude in a banged up early-model beater that he retrofitted to run on used vegetable oil. He's probably running late to his band practice. Most likely he's part of the rhythm section.

I know. Crazy logic. Sigh. I think I'm going to go listen to some Sigur Ros and crochet for a while. Cuz that's how us dorks roll.

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