Tuesday, February 10, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

Much like herpes or glitter in a pre-school class room, I got tagged with this ridiculous 25 things questionnaire. So here are 25 random things about Moi - Ms. Nerdette.

1. I cannot believe I am doing this. PS obviously I don't like talking about myself. or peer pressure. eff you guys, my Facebook friends. srsly.

2. I'm allergic to most nuts but not almonds, not pine nuts and not peanuts (yeah, I know, not really nuts.) Also mangoes (which blows, because mangoes are awesome), eggplant and recently, corn chips. I hate being allergic to food. I love food.

3. Growing up I had really disfiguring eczema. Once I got it around my eyes. In a weird way I liked looking like quasimodo. You can imagine what it was like, growing up a gawky nerd with a skin affliction worse than just acne. But I wouldn't change that experience for a second. Nerds rule. Weird looking nerds rule harder.

4. My family is almost entirely (at least on the Right Coast) very Republican (I met Dan Quayle as a kid, and when my grandfather passed away, George H. W. Bush's office couriered a letter of condolence. THAT much of a Republican.) I also find it appropriate that as much as my grandfather worked against certain groups, I work for them. And for Democrats. The Universe has a sense of balance.

5. I pulled my sister out of a pond when we were kids. I guess I saved her life - at the time and the only memory I have of it is laughing at her, because when I pulled her out she was crying and I thought it was funny she was soaked. I vaguely remember a very upset adult rushing over. I can't tell you how glad I am I drag her out.

6. I was raised in a very Christian household. I used to serve as a youth missionary. I don't agree with most of the policy positions of what most people consider "Evangelicals" but I couldn't have asked for a better training for political work. I've been in some of the poorest neighborhoods in this country, had guns waved in my face, talked to people who couldn't care less. It gave me sense of fearlessness and a dedication to service. By contrast, canvassing most neighborhoods is a walk in the park.

7. My (only) boyfriend in high school had to ask my dad if he could take me to his prom. My father said yes, and he and my mother accompanied me to the prom. Not as chaperons for everyone, as MY personal chaperon. That plus #3 -- yeah. Be jealous. It was a laugh riot growing up.

8. I wasn't allowed to watch much teevee growing up, so I ended up spending most of my time in the creek, making friends with frogs, earthworms and bugs. I spent a lot of time in trees. I loved every moment of it.

9. I had a guinea pig named Cindy Lou and a dwarf Siberian hamster as pets, growing up. Cindy Lou lived for about 6 years - the hamster (named Spunky) met an untimely death, choking on a stale cracker. It was tragic.

10. The only time I ever broke any bones was when I first learned how to ride a bike. I went down a hill too fast and BAM, right in to the side of a parked van. Broke my left arm. It was pretty embarrassing. I was 8.

11.My favorite color used to be green (still is, mostly :) Now I'm more drawn to deep blue. Or sometimes a clash-y combo of hazard orange and green.

12. I didn't like pro-sports until I tried measuring the effect of long-term budget implications of spending and education attainment, for 2 years in grad school. After writing a long paper on No Child Left Behind, I realized what a relief it is to have a CLEAR OUTCOME. Hence, my love of the NFL and the Steelers was born.

13. I can't believe you're still reading this.

14. My first "real" campaign was working for Al Gore. They did a big thing on campus my senior year. In my 15 seconds of local news fame, a crazy yellow jacket hornet decided to dive-bomb my head. I looked like I was having a seizure on stage. Somehow, I went on to work for the Vice President. It changed my life.

15. I realized 5 years later, looking at a pic my mom snapped of the rally, I was the only woman on that stage with the Vice President and a bunch of dudes.

16. I was an avid reader at an early age. I was raised on a steady diet of Asimov, Bradbury, Gibson, and a lot of pulp murder mysteries and who-dun-its. It was in the house.

17. I also watched a lot of Star Trek and Dr.Who (my dad is an engineer and worked in robotics.)

18. I was probably going to be left-handed but it's bad luck in Asian culture (Confucious? I dunno.) to be a southpaw so I was told to do everything with my right hand. I'm sad I'm not ambidextrous, 'cause that would have been cool.

19. I was a Girl Scout for 12 years. I love camping. I can start a fire anywhere, made out of pretty much anything. Girl Scouts rock.

20. I used to work with Military families. I learned a lot about volunteer recruitment from helping build strong military family support groups. It helped me as a field organizer, and taught me how to build teams. I have relatives that served in every branch except the Air Force, and it was fulfilling work to do.

21. I played piano for 10 years. If you ask me to sing I will break you face. But I'm a really good cheerleader for karaoke.

22. I went to college on a full scholarship to a school I didn't visit (I didn't do a grand college tour, we didn't have the money.) I probably wouldn't have gone to college without the scholarship. I often think college is a 4 year vacation for most people and it's overrated. But I'm glad I went.

23. My stupid human trick is I have a photographic memory. Unfortunately I suck at poker, and my stupid human trick is of limited use. But I never forget a face.

24. I love yoga. Bikram yoga has helped change my physique and my life. Everyone should try or practice yoga. We all need to be reminded to breathe.

25. When I was in Louisville, KY - a woman told me she didn't like Asians - to my face. I told her she should try Korean BBQ because it would change her life. I truly believe food is the great equalizer. I don't know if she could tell I was half Asian. I don't care. I hope she tries Kalbi someday, because Kalbi is delicious.


readergirl said...

i absolutely love this! you are so awesome, and I hope someday we meet for real!

Taragl said...

Hooray for scifi books and shows!